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My Story

My name is Rebecca Rutherford. I have been in the local church for the past 17+ years in full-time service as a children’s, youth, discipleship, and associate pastor. During that time I was given opportunities to work with all ages and different ministry areas including missions, preaching and becoming a published author. I have enjoyed these years of ministry and find myself in a position to be able to use my gifts and experience for the wider church.

This is a three-fold business with a focus on life coaching, discipleship consulting and curriculum development. I have been “coaching” for many years doing pastoral care. I am able to do this for both individuals or groups. Life coaching is a fast growing approach to mental health, developing goals or transformation. These are uncertain times and people are having to find new and different ways to find healing. Coaching is one way that people can get professional help without insurance. 

My experience in creating discipleship pathways, programs and classes gives me credibility to be able to consult with churches who need an outside perspective or fresh ideas for this new day of making disciples. I have recommendations from those I have worked with in the past that speak to the knowledge I have in the area of discipleship. I feel that I have something to offer others, particularly those who can’t afford the overhead to hire clergy or staff. I am also in a great position to help congregations going through transition.

Since my days in children’s, youth and camping ministry, I have been creating my own content for specialized curriculum. I am now a published curriculum author and I am poised to be able to consult and help churches develop their own curriculum. My theological slant is Wesleyan with a high value on grace. As an ordained United Methodist Deacon I will seek to appeal to churches within the pan-Wesleyan denominations but will not limit myself to that.

Be Inspired

Personal Coaching, Discipleship Consulting and Curriculum Development

The inspiration for this ministry endeavor comes from the Holy Spirit. The word “inspire” means to blow on a flame so as to make it grow. My goal in this ministry is to work with the Holy Spirit collaboratively as we work also together with you in whatever capacity, whether it be coaching, consulting or curriculum development. May we never lose sight of the one who inspired us in the first place as he blew air into our lungs and put his Spirit in us. Join me as we seek to continue to be inspired by what God is up to in our lives and may we learn to assist the Lord in that work, whether it be for personal growth or faith development. Need help with that? Let’s set up a coaching session or a consultation!

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