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Rebecca Rutherford is a treasure trove of experience and wisdom. What can’t she do! From leading in faith formation to writing curriculum to building systems and structures for local church mission and ministry and from pastoring children to pastoring pastors (and she has done it all cross culturally, too).

She is a seasoned, wise leader. Having known Rebecca for many years and worked with her on a range of projects I would highly recommend her as a strategist and consultant. 

JD Walt, Sower in Chief | Seedbed Publishing


Rebecca has helped save my ministry twice. The first time I was about to teach my first Confirmation Class, and I had no idea how to connect the content to the kids. She worked with me to craft the best way to share the Gospel with students, and the best moment was when I got to teach my own daughters. 


The second time my devotional book, The Advent Mission, needed a children’s curriculum for churches. She came through in a big way, and I’m forever grateful.


Rebecca has a love for Jesus, a love for teaching, and the mad skills to help others do the same. 

Omar Al-Rikabi, Author

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I consider it a privilege to know Reverend Rutherford.  Her knowledge about Christian theology is faith-founded and abundant.  She has the ability to explain the Bible in a way that everyone can understand, even new believers.  I met Rebecca 1 year after giving my life to Christ.  She has counseled me through challenging times and situations with scripture, prayer, and sound advice.  The teaching,  advice, and coaching I have received from her over the last four years has always benefited me, furthered my understanding about Christianity, and deepened my relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is gifted with abilities that not only advance and encourage the people around her, they advance the Kingdom of God.

Veronica Miller


I first experienced Rebecca’s training when she worked came to Tanzania to train church leaders in children and youth ministry. She jumped into connecting with and getting to know the participants. Her training flowed from a place of wisdom, caring, and experience, but she never forgot who she was in the room with, making sure that training reflected the contextual needs of leaders in Tanzania. She was helpful in addressing key challenges that came from the leaders themselves as they anticipated returning to their churches to implement what they learned. I would recommend Rebecca for any church regardless of size or context because what you receive will be prayerfully and intentionally prepared for your context and with your needs in mind.

Eric Soard


Rebecca Rutherford, minister, curriculum writer, teacher, and storyteller has a unique ability to make biblical concepts come alive for children and youth in relevant and engaging ways. Her authentic approach combined with her love of the Word and her love of children and youth is an excellent example of how to minister to children and youth in today’s ever-changing world.  Through her work at churches, summer camps and Children’s Leaders workshops both in the U. S. and in Tanzania, she has developed effective resources that have equipped both leaders and parents. Here’s a minister who is a valuable resource who truly understands the importance of children and youth ministry and how to make them vital in the life of the church and community.

Lisa Bond 


Rebecca Rutherford served with me on the staff of Albany First UMC, Albany, Georgia. I came to appreciate her pastoral sensibilities and clear calling to serve human need, offer Christ and disciple followers of Jesus. Her personal walk of faith has deepened the nature of how and what she teaches.  In that congregation we created what we termed the Scripture Pathway to Discipleship based on the Wesleyan understanding of how God and people interact. It provided a framework on which God’s grace can be taught from the prevenient to the sanctifying effects of God’s plan for salvation. While at Albany First my book Top Ten United Methodist Beliefs, which enlarges on the actions of God’s grace from a Wesleyan perspective, was published by Abingdon Press. They agreed for Becca to be my conversation partner for the DVD support for Top Ten. She now offers her ministry of teaching, counseling and consultation as a resource to expand and enrich your ministry by employing her as a friendly adjunct to your work. Her gifts and graces might be able to fill in and/or enrich places in your programing that will broaden and strengthen your overall ministry.  

Rev. Dr. Don Adams - Author


As the chairperson of the Adult Discipleship Team, I worked very closely with Rebecca while she was our Associate (Discipleship) Pastor at Spanish Fort United Methodist Church. In that capacity I was able to observe her various skills up close and personally.  She is especially gifted and skilled in consulting and in turning a vision into an actionable and reproducible plan. In our case, she took our vision for adult discipleship and developed an inspired discipleship pathway that acknowledged who we are as a church, the things we already do well, and the areas in which we need to grow. The plan has been implemented with great success.

Pat Shubird

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Pastor Rebecca is my sister in Christ. From the first day I met her my life completely changed since then I tell myself. "I want to be like Pastor Rebecca one day." I have told the story many times - from my inner heart I will never forget when I first met her - November 2019 when she visited us here in Africa with the team of volunteers. 


I felt the fire of Holy Spirit burning, and spending time with her that week working together made all of us feel her love and courage. It came out very clear that the power and fire of the Holy spirit is working strongly in Pastor Rebecca. We all felt that through her teaching, her sweet loud laugh, and her wisdom. Her strong love, desire, and faith of serving the Lord made all of us, especially the women, feel a strong trust in her! It was so much fun, talking, learning, singing, dancing, and eating together! We wanted so badly to keep Pastor Rebecca here in Africa so she could empower women in our culture. But it was not God's plan in 2019 - maybe one day. It is my prayer!


Pastor Rebecca made all of us get stronger in loving the Lord with all of our hearts through Children’s Ministry and that is what we still are doing. Something unique about Rebecca, is the way she was very organized, and creative. She answered questions with love and respect but stood on Word of God and Truth. She included others to participate and her program made us learn leadership skills and team work.


I thank God for making this strong connection. I am praying that one day we will meet and work together again. I just want to hug her right now and enjoy her laugh! And just sit there listening. Every day I dare for more.


 Anna Migera

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